3D Ultra Blast Foamer

3D Ultra Blast Foamer

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  • Maximum foam output for shaving cream like foam coverage!
  • Adjustable spray nozzle lets you choose the spray pattern that works best for any size or shape vehicle.
  • Works with any gas-powered or electric pressure washer.
  • Creates thick, long-lasting rich foam that clings better to vertical surfaces for maximum dwell-time, which means maximum cleaning power.
  • 1 liter soap reservoir holds plenty of soap solution to cover even the largest vehicles with a thick, layer of creamy foam.
  • Wide-opening mouth makes it easy to add and mix your soap and water solution.
  • ULTRA BLAST FOAMER has graduated markings on the side of the reservoir to make adding soap accurate with less mess and less waste for optimum foaming performance while saving you money.
  • The thick, rich foam and long dwell-time lubricates the finish better to make washing safer.
  • 3D’s ULTRA BLAST FOAMER makes washing any vehicle fun while getting the vehicle cleaner than a traditional bucket-wash approach.
  • Pictures of you foaming your customer’s cars creates powerful images for your social media platforms demonstrating you know how to get a car super clean!

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