Americana Global Ceramic Window Cleaner

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Americana Global SiO2 Glass Cleaner is a revolutionary, advanced, non-streaking glass cleaner that removes contamination while leaving a protective coating in place. This window tint safe glass cleaner contains ZERO ammonia-based ingredients yet creates a powerful cleaning effect on your glass. It breaks through the toughest grime such as oil, dirt, fingerprints, and other environmental contaminants.

Infused with SiO2, Americana Global’s glass cleaner will add a lasting protective coating on your glass surface for months. It is safe to use on both interior and exterior glass surfaces as well as ceramic coated glass surfaces.

3. Maintain

Our user-friendly and environmentally conscious products are scientifically formulated to work with multiple protective products – ranging from Nano Coatings to Paint Protection Films.


Window Tint Safe Glass Cleaner. This product has been formulated for Ceramic Pro KAVACA Window Films – and other professional-grade window tints. It is ammonia free, sourced from natural ingredients, and is eco-friendly.


16oz & 1-Gallon Container

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