Hydrosilex Foam Pad Green (Heavy Cut)

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Hydrosilex Green Heavy Cut Foam Pad : For heavy to light scratch removal. Hydrosilex pads are made of the most Premium Adaptable Foam Technology. Prevent heat soaking your pads which leads to delamination of the Velcro, as well as softening the pad to the point where cut factor is diminished. 

Hydrosilex skillfully designed these pads with breathable ports that line up directly with ventilation ports on your polishers backing plate. This dense, open celled foam pad is designed to remove deeper random isolated defects and scratches from ceramic, clear, gelcoats and harder finishes.

For Best Results: Use with Hydrosilex Cutting Compound . Apply 5-6 pea sized drops directly on pad per use. Apply different pressures and work panel consistently. Heavier pressure for deeper scratches and lighter pressure for micro-marring. Follow with Hydrosilex Finish Polish and White Polishing pad for an Ultimate Finish!

Cleaning: Wash with warm water and Hydrosilex All Purpose Cleaner. Make sure pads are completely dry before using again. Allow pads to dry foam side down so Velcro glue is not damaged.

Pad come in 3", 5", and 6"

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