P&S Carpet Bomber

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  • Lifts and dissolves dirt
  • Deodorizes while cleaning
  • Quick action

Citrus derivatives, biodegradable cleaners and water based solvents dissolve grease and lift dirt from carpet and upholstery. Carpet Bomber rinses away foreign particles and stains that most cleaners leave behind. Provides a safe, natural solution for interior cleaning Carpet Bomber is part of the Double Black Interior Cleaning System. Carpet Bomber is used as a second step treatment but also may be used independently.

Directions: Dilute Carpet Bomber anywhere from 5 to 8:1 with water. Prior to beginning process it is always recommended to dry brush and vacuum interior carpets and upholstery. If you are using Carpet Bomber as part of the DB Interior System then Carpet Bomber is Step #2 applied after Step #1 Terminator. Apply a light mist of Carpet Bomber to area. Allow product to work for a minimum of 3 minutes. Use a steamer or carpet brush to scrub. Using both is ideal to achieve optimum results. Once completed vacuum or extract carpet and upholstery.

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