3D Eraser Waterspot Remover

3D Eraser Waterspot Remover

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This water spot remover has a strong acidic mixture that softens the hard minerals that have been left behind by hard water; especially by lawn sprinklers.Make sure when you start this you always have something to rinse off the eraser gel.  eraser gel is a product is going to eat through the calcium that you have here, but we also want to make sure that after you put it on the surface that you rinse it off after the work's been done. Whenever you're working to remove water spots on the glass with eraser gel your time is less than one minute to be able to rinse this off  It will work but it will etch glass if you do not rinse it off right away  It sounds little scary... not really.  You just got to work out one by one area or a two by  two area quick enough that you can put it on let it do its job and then rinse it off now for doesn't come off right away rinse it off, put it on again  rinse it off put it on again; until the water spot is removed