3D Super Duty Degreaser 128 oz.

3D Super Duty Degreaser 128 oz.

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Ultra-concentrated for ultra-performance!

3D Super Duty Degreaser is an easy rinse, ultra-concentrated formula built to handle the contamination that just won’t let go. 3D Super Duty Degreaser targets grease, grime, and oil so it can be removed easily and efficiently from all your exterior surfaces. However, 3D Super Duty Degreaser’s power doesn’t stop there. While 3D Super Duty Degreaser is safe for all painted surfaces, this versatile formula can also breakdown stubborn contamination from the engine bay to the undercarriage. With simple, straight forward dilution ratios, 3D Super Duty Degreaser can take on what standard cleaners and degreasers just can’t handle.

Different contaminates call for different cleaners. Grease and oil naturally resist water, and basic soaps don’t have the power to break that bond. All-purpose cleaners will put up a better fight but usually still fall short of power when it comes to this contaminate category. 3D Super Duty Degreaser targets these elusive elements to loosen and emulsify grease and grime instantly.

Versatility was another major factor that 3D kept in mind while formulating 3D Super Duty Degreaser. Creating a formula that was not only a powerful cleaner but was safe for paint was important. The body shop safe and VOC compliant formula relieves the worry of overspray that could cause irreversible damage. This alone makes it a perfect pair for the professional!

Dilution Ratios:
Regular Strength: 45:1 (3 oz. to 1-gallon water)
Extra Strength: 40:1 (3.5 oz. to 1-gallon water)
Super Strength: 37:1 (4 oz. to 1-gallon water)
Max Strength: 28:1 (4.5 oz. to 1-gallon water)

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