3D Super Soap

3D Super Soap

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Highly-concentrated, money-saving formula!

3D Super Soap quickly and easily breaks up and dissolves tough messes and contaminants that your car tends to collect with regular use. Grime, road film, and dirt will be effectively eliminated when you use 3D Super Soap to perform your weekly maintenance washes. 3D Super Soap is designed with a pH-balanced formula that will not harm the more delicate surfaces of your car during cleaning. You will also notice that 3D Super Soap has great foaming ability and easily rinses off of the surface. The super-concentration of its formula makes 3D Super Soap a fantastic choice for professional use!

Our cars are really put through their paces every time we turn the key. If you made a list of all the natural and industrial contaminants and pollutants that your paint is exposed to on a daily basis, your pen would run out of ink before you finished! While we can’t do much to eliminate every cause of the damage our paint faces, we can prevent the build-up of these dangerous contaminants with weekly washes and using the right shampoo.

3D Super Soap was carefully and expertly crafted to target and eliminate every contaminant and pollutant your car faces. 3D Super Soap will break down and dissolve all the grime, road film, and dirt that builds-up on your paint. These dangerous contaminants are then a breeze to scrub and rinse away!

3D Super Soap is formulated to provide an incredibly dense foam that will encapsulate the contaminants on your paint. Once 3D Super Soap lifts these contaminants off your paint, scrubbing them away is easy and safe. Then 3D Super Soap easily rinses away, ensuring that there is no left-over residue after your wash is finished.

Unlike many car shampoos on the market today, 3D Super Soap does not contain dangerous acids or alkalis that potentially cause damage to your paint and other vehicle surfaces.

If you own a professional detailing business or body-shop, 3D Super Soap and its ultra-concentrated formula will provide you with a large volume of shampoo solution to minimize your product costs. 3D Super Soap is also rated safe for any body-shop application and is completely VOC compliant.

3D Super Soap can be diluted up to 1800:1. Dilution can vary depending on the strength needed. Dilution levels will range between ½ oz. per 5 gallons of water to 1 oz. per 5 gallons of water.

128 oz.

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