Americana Global Wheel and Tire Cleaner

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Americana Global’s Wheel & Tire Cleaner is the newest evolution of wheel and tire cleaners. The 2-in-1 cleaner is designed to streamline the process of wheel and tire detailing. Our Wheel & Tire Cleaner is a non-acid, high foaming formulation that cuts through brake dust, grime, corrosion, dirt, and old caked-on tire dressings. This product is safe on all tires, painted or powder-coated, clear coated, chrome, factory, and ceramic coated wheels.

1. Prepare

Prep detailing products allows professionals and DIY enthusiasts to accomplish this phase quicker, faster, and more cost-effective.


Non-Acid Wheel and Tire Cleaner. Safe to use on most wheel types. Spray-on, agitate, and spray off solution.


16oz & 1-Gallon Container

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