Americana Medium Cut Compound Elite Series 16oz

Americana Medium Cut Compound Elite Series 16oz

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TASK: Nano Alumina Abrasive Infused Compound – For removing 1500-grit medium scratches, swirl marks, and paint imperfections. Pair exceptional with Americana Global Purple Hybrid Cutting Pad, Microfiber, Yellow Heavy Cut Foam Pad, and Orange Medium Cut Foam Pad. It can be used with orbital or rotary polishing machines.

Sizes: 16oz

The Americana Global Elite Series Medium Cut compound is infused with a revolutionary and proprietary nano alumina abrasive technology. Our Medium Cut Compound is formulated for maximum defect removal, minimal dusting, longer product cycling, and impeccable finishing capabilities.

As the compound is worked into the clear coat, microscopic alumina abrasives produce a fast yet gentle cutting action – without diminishing. The result is a water-based, eco-friendly cutting compound with longer working cycles that produce less micro-marring and finishes exceptionally well.  

This rapid cut and low dust formula are best paired with Americana Global Crazy Cut Hybrid Cutting Pads (for heavy defect removal) or Max Cut Yellow Foam Pads & Medium Cut Orange Pads.

Quicker Cutting – Superior Finish

The Elite Series of Americana Global Compounds and Polishes utilizes a revolutionary nano alumina abrasive technology. The Elite Series product line-up comprises alumina abrasive grains engineered to maximize the cut-rate and improve depth and gloss while minimizing hazing, holograms, and micro-scratching on multiple types and hardness of clear coats.  

Low Dust Formulation

Our proprietary nano alumina abrasive technology and water-based formulation help to reduce the amount of dust created. This helps keep your work area clean and reduces cross-contamination – especially when you apply a professional ceramic coating or paint protection film.

Deep Shine, Depth & Gloss

The Americana Global Paint Correction System is intended to provide time-strapped detailers with a process that produces deep shine, depth, and glosses for their customer’s demands. This Medium Cut compound works great on hard or soft clear coats, gel coats, and aerospace paints.

The Americana Global Paint Correction System

We’ve formulated our compounds and polishes to work with Americana Global’s proprietary cutting and finishing pads. The Elite Series Medium Cut Compound pairs exceptionally with Americana Global Purple Hybrid Cutting Pad, Yellow Heavy Cut Foam Pad, and Orange Medium Cut Foam Pad. We recommend using this system with dual-action orbital buffing machines for optimal results.


  • Shake well before use.
  • Always prime the pad before starting your correction.
  • Use 4-6 pea-size drops per 2-foot by 2-foot section.
  • Spread the Medium Cut compound throughout the working area before engaging the buffer.
  • Maintain a slow tempo and arm speed with minimal pressure applied.
  • Do NOT BUFF the product until it is dry. Keep the surface area wet.
  • Remove residue with a clean microfiber towel.

WARNING: DO NOT SWALLOW.If ingested, please seek medical attention immediately. 

Manufactured by Americana Global, LLC – San Diego, California

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