Americana Iron & Fallout Remover

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A professional grade environmental decontamination product. It is specifically engineered to dissolve embedded fer-rous-based contaminants such as carbon, iron, and other naturally occurring metallic substances from painted and clear coated surfaces. Industrial fallout is derived by manufacturing processes involving carbon and ferrous-based substances. These microscopic particles are attracted to metallic surfaces (such as vehicle body parts) and eventually bond directly to the surface. Over time, these microscopic materials infuse directly to the substrate, which can lead to scratching or permanent surface damage.

1. Prepare

Prep detailing products allows professionals and DIY enthusiasts to accomplish this phase quicker, faster, and more cost-effective.


Decontamination spray. Removes ferrous-based materials including industrial fallout, brake dust, rail dust, and carbon-based substances. To be used as a decontamination product, prior to clay bar treatment, paint correction, or applying any paint protective solution.

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