Americana Global Ceramic Aftercare Soap

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Americana Global Ceramic Aftercare Soap is the ultimate 2-in-1 automotive shampoo. Infused with advanced technology, the Americana Global Ceramic Maintenance Shampoo is a multipurpose car soap, used by professional detailers and DIY enthusiasts worldwide. It has been formulated to work with professional-grade nano ceramic coatings offered by Ceramic Pro and other coating companies that offer DIY ceramic coatings.

This luxury car shampoo is a pH neutral formulation with aggressive surfactants that remove contaminants that bond to ceramic coatings – leaving a crisp and clean surface. This makes it perfect for removing caked on debris or sticky substances – and allows the ceramic coating to maintain and showcase it’s hydrophobic and protective qualities.

Our highly concentrated ceramic soap can be used as a prep shampoo or decontamination car wash – prior to applying a paint protection coating, pre-wash in foam guns or foam cannons or maintenance with your two-bucket method car wash. The dilution ratio for this ceramic maintenance shampoo is 1:256.

3. Maintain

Our user-friendly and environmentally conscious products are scientifically formulated to work with multiple protective products – ranging from Nano Coatings to Paint Protection Films.


Decontamination & Ceramic Maintenance Car Shampoo. A 2-in-1 car soap and shampoo that breaks down road grime, surface contaminants, animal waste, pollen, and dirt. Can be used on vehicles, boats, airplanes, and off-road vehicles. Recommended for ceramic coated vehicles or vehicles that require a decontamination car wash.


16oz & 1-Gallon Container

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