Buff and Shine Grey knitted wool cutting 6KWB

Buff and Shine Grey knitted wool cutting 6KWB

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Buff and Shine Manufacturing is pleased to unveil its first wool member of the “Uro” pad line.  The Uro-Wool™ Cutting pad is the most aggressive of the Uro-Wool™ pad line with another on the way.  It is specifically designed for those jobs that require heavier cutting.

These new wool pads allow for even more cutting capability than Buff and Shine’s most aggressive foam pads from the Uro-Tec™ and Uro-Cell™ lines.  But don’t be confused by the term “wool”, as these are not your traditional twisted pads that old-school technicians used for decades on simple rotary machines.  In fact, the Uro-Wool™ pad uses 100% processed wool that is “knitted” onto the pad, not twisted.  The biggest advantage of knitted wool is the lack of lint—no more wool fibers floating around the shop!

The face of the knitted wool pad is soft to the touch and made up of hundreds of individual wool fibers per square inch.  The appearance of knitted wool is often compared to that of lambs-wool, although the two are quite different, as lambs-wool tends to have an inconsistent surface.  And the knitted wool has a more precision construction, yielding durability and consistency in use.

You will notice that the Uro-Wool™ pad has virtually no interface between the wool fiber pad face and the hook-and-loop backing material.  This allows the power of the polisher and the movement of the technician to transfer more directly and actively to the paint surface, resulting in faster cutting and correction cycles.  The knitted wool face takes a stronger “bite” or cut, with superior leveling capability.