CarPro Cquartz SIC 30ml

CarPro Cquartz SIC 30ml

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The CarPro Cquartz SiC takes everything you love about the Carpro Coatings and enhances it! The main difference in this formula is that CarPro added SiC (Silicon Carbide), which helps resistance against chemicals and water spots. The acid and alkyl chemical resistance range from 2 - 13 pH, allowing a coating layer to last longer and withstand various cleaning chemicals you may use to clean a coating during its lifetime. Apply Cquartz SiC to the paint, clear coat, glass, plastic, wheels, rubber trim, and more for an incredible level of protection that last years, not months. On top of that, this new, unique formulation improves gloss and overall ease of use during application. Finally, the slickness will leave you thrilled with the finished product. Upgrade your coating experience today with the CarPro Cquartz SiC!

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