CarPro Leather 2.0

CarPro Leather 2.0

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The CarPro Cquartz Leather Coating 2.0 allows you to protect your leather and vinyl surfaces with only a few easy steps! As a car lover, many of us enjoy the smell, look and feel of brand new leather. With each passing day you get in and out of the car bringing in dirt and grime while the leather is exposed to UV rays and contaminants that detract from the leather's look, feel and smell. These actions are inevitable however, they can have a real negative effect on your leather if you do not take the proper precautions. For the best longevity of your leather seats, you want to keep them clean, nourished and protected. The CarPro Leather Coating is not cleaner, it's strictly meant to offer you an amazing level of protection that will keep your leather looking new.

Using high end ingredients and a water based formula, CarPro Cquartz Leather Coating was produced to offer an outstanding appearance without any artificial gloss. Once applied (application instructions below), you will notice how soft the leather feels and an amazing level of protection from stains including the dreaded blue jean dye transfer. The protection doesn't stop there, it also blocks out harmful UV rays that can crack and fade leather. It is hydrophobic, has self-cleaning properties, as well as resistance for abrasion and stains. Some other leather protectants will last weeks or a few months, but this coating lasts around 1-2 years! This allows you to protect your seats from harmful elements for much longer than a traditional leather protectant.

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