CLO2 DeOdorPRO Odor Eliminator

CLO2 DeOdorPRO Odor Eliminator

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Get rid of old, stale and musty car odors for good!
Our quick-release Automotive vapor packet has the concentrated power you need to permanently eliminate odors caused by smoke and tobacco, stale foods, sour milk, fuel spells, pets, vomit, urine and odors caused by mold and mildew in your vehicle and HV/AC unit without masking agents or cover-up scents. DeodorPRO Auto is highly concentrated, to destroy hidden or trapped odors in headliners, visors, seat cushions, glove compartment, carpet, floor mats and other nooks and crannies. Use our odor eliminator for any compact or full size car, truck, SUV or even RV! DeOdorPRO is safe for the environment.

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