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AUTO SOLV is a ready-to-use fast drying body solvent that quickly removes tar, grease, wax, adhesives, cosmoline, and silicones from exterior painted surfaces.


  • Clear formula
  • Fast drying solvent cleaner
  • Body shop safe


  • Quickly removes grease, tar and wax from paint and chrome
  • For use as a “spot dry clean” on upholstery and fabrics
  • Quickly preps vehicle for cleaning

Use for:

  • Exteriors and interiors
  • Prepping the painted surface before detailing
  • Removing glue and residue from decals and stickers

How to use:

Consult SDS for complete safety information before using.  Use in a well-ventilated area.  Do not use on uncured paint.  Test on plastics and enamel paint in an inconspicuous spot before use.  Also, when using on fabrics and upholstery, test in an inconspicuous spot before cleaning.

As a body solvent:

  • Spray or wipe on.
  • Wash vehicle or wipe off panels with a clean cloth.

As a spot remover:

  • Lightly spray or apply with an applicator pad to loosen grease or spot.
  • Gently blot soiled area.
  • Vacuum the treated area.

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