Fusion hornet PPF 2in Squeegee

Fusion hornet PPF 2in Squeegee

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The Fusion PPF Hornet is and industry first! We are happy to bring PPF innovation available in 4 sizes which can be purchased individually or as pack. It is available in a touch up version of 1/2” wide, and paddle versions of 2”, 4”, and 6” lengths. The PPF Hornet features two soft sides, Black- 80 Durometer and Yellow 70 Durometer squeegee surfaces allow PPF Installers to easily switch between the desired working blade with the flip of the tool. The inner red “core” of the tool allows users to have the rigid backbone the soft working surfaces need to push and pull liquid from their jobs. We recommend the PPF Hornet for Paint Protection Films with soft or “self healing” hard coatings. We also offer a stiffer version called the PPF Hybrid (A1993).