Green Ice Technologies LP40 Single Phase Air Compressor

Green Ice Technologies LP40 Single Phase Air Compressor

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Green ICE Technologies is very excited to be releasing the LP40! We understand the need to offer you a complete line of products that all work together. We have one more exciting release coming out to our LP line, subscribe for the latest up dates!

The LP40 screw air compressor feature a 4 in 1 system that consists of the screw compressor, refrigerated dryer, air tank and compressed air filters! this will give very dry close to ambient air, super important when dry ice blasting.

8-10 week product release! GreenICE will reach out to arrange freight shipping, we are paying up to $500 towards delivery freight fees on pre-orders! Depending where you live shipping could be free!


ā€“ Rotary screw air compressor (very efficient and quiet)

ā€“ 40 CFM @ 145 psi

ā€“ 60 gallon air tank

ā€“ 10hp motor with permanent magnetic frequency

ā€“ Freeze dryer air system built in (42cfm flow rate)

ā€“ Air filtration system

ā€“ Digital display to monitor air temps and pressure control !

ā€“ 220v single phase 60hz

ā€“ 540 lbs

ā€“ 61x22x46 size