Gyeon Q2 Leather Coat 120ml

Gyeon Q2 Leather Coat 120ml

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Gyeon Leather Coat is very easy to use, it just requires proper cleaning of the leather prior to ensure good bond, then simply apply to a soft microfiber cloth or applicator and wipe over in an even layer. With durability of up to 3 months this hydrophobic coating provides protection from liquids, sweat, dirt and also 'dye transfer' from jeans and clothing that can discolor and stain leather. Leather Coat leaves an invisible layer that does not affect the look or feel of the soft leather trim in any way, it simply coats the leather to ensure its good looks remain the same as the day you bought it. One layer of Leather Coat creates a high level of protection as it is both hydrophobic and provides strong protection against UV rays. HOW TO USE: Clean the Leather prior to Leather coat installation with Gyeon Leather Cleaner and a microfibre, once clean spray leather coat onto surface of leather and wipe off afterwards

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