Hydrosilex Finishing Compound 16oz

Hydrosilex Finishing Compound 16oz

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Hydrosilex Finish Polish produces a wet, mirrored finish on all finishes and color. Designed to be used with random orbital and DA polishers, it easily polishes away fine paint imperfections and creates a smooth surface which reflects maximum light. Hydrosilex Finish Polish is safe for all paint finishes including fresh paint single stage, enamel, factory, high-solid, and sticky finishes. Hydrosilex Finish Polish is perfect to prep a surface before coating since there are no fillers.



Shake Before Use. Apply 5-6 drops onto the buffing pad for a 2x2 area. Spread across working area before turning on buffer. Maintain a slow tempo and arm speed. Do not work overwork product until dry. Keep surface area lubricated with polish. Maintain light pressure during polishing. 

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