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Hydrosilex Iron Remover was specially developed to remove rust contaminents. It is pH neutral and scented with Lemon for a more pleasant application. Hydrosilex Iron reliably and gently removes flash rust as well as metal particles and burnt-in brake dust.

This special formulation  has been specially adapted so that the rust film remover remains on the surface for as long as possible and does not dry out. It adheres particularly well to vertical surfaces for an optimal cleaning result.

The cleaning reaction produces a colour change. A purple discolouration indicates the effect.


Iron Remover w/ Lemon Scent

  • Powerful, pH Neutral Cleaner and Decontaminant
  • Acid-Free Formulation
  • Safe on All Vehicle Exterior Surfaces
  • Performance Colour Indicator Highlights Harmful Iron Contamination
  • Works Quickly on Burnt on Brake Dust
  • Easy to Rinse Off


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