Hydrosilex Marine 16oz

Hydrosilex Marine 16oz

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HydroSilex Marine is the leading ceramic coating meant to replace waxes and other sealants that you may have previously used on your boat. HydroSilex Marine is designed for easy application and protection. Marine creates a protective barrier over the paint that provides you with a nonstick surface keeping your boat cleaner for longer and making it easier to maintain. 

  • Protects all surfaces ( Gel Coat, Paint, Vinyl, Chrome, Plastics, Glass, and more)

  • Keeps your boat looking newer for longer. 
  • Prevents contaminants from adhering to Gelcoat.

  • Easy spray and wipe application( No dry time). 
  • Protection for up to 6 months.

  • Replaces the need to ever wax your boat. 

  • NO Cure time can be applied and used right away.
  • Can be layered for increased protection and durability( no cure time between layers)  

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