Hydrosilex Offroad Ceramic coating

Hydrosilex Offroad Ceramic coating

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HydroSilex Offroad is a ceramic coating specifically designed and formulated for off-road vehicles. The Offroad coating is based on our flagship hydrosilex Recharge, which has been tested and improved to be more durable and extra slick. The coating not only enhances the visual appearance of surfaces treated but will make maintenance easier. HydroSilex Offroad creates an extremely slick and ultra-glossy surface that repels dust, mud, sand, and grime. The surface becomes hydrophobic, repelling water as well. This makes cleaning an off-road vehicle a much easier task while allowing less to stick to the surface. 

  • Based on our flagship Recharge formula but designed for more slickness and durability. 
  • Makes offroad vehicles easier to clean as mud/dirt/water and contamination don't stick to the bodywork and paint.

  • Can be used on paint, plastics, metals, vinyl, suspension, wheels, textured surfaces, glass, and more!

  • Enhances gloss and the overall appearance of any offroad vehicle.

  • Strong ceramic coating for harsh conditions and heavy-duty use.
  • Easy DIY application- This can be applied minutes before going offroad.
  • No Cure time- Multiple coats can be applied for better performance.
  • Repels water

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