IGL Ecoclean Blizzard 500ML

IGL Ecoclean Blizzard 500ML

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Get ready to experience the most luxurious high foam car wash shampoo ever with IGL Ecoclean Blizzard! The ultimate high foaming exterior car shampoo.

Its breakthrough formula gently adheres to your car’s surface, effortlessly lifting dirt and dissolving impurities for a spotless, gleaming finish. Made with sustainable ingredients, our concentrated formula provides exceptional coverage, for a deeper clean. Using less product, saving you time and money.

Perfect for ceramic coated surfaces, it safely and gently cleans without causing marring on the surface. Perfect for deep cleansing, Blizzard’s rich and thick pre-wash foam adheres to the dirt for a longer time.

At a microscopic level, contaminants may harm the finish, causing micro swirls and scratches. Blizzard covers the surface entirely in a blizzard of thick, pillowy white foam, lifting them from the surface for an effective cleanse. Together, the gentle lubricants prevent micro-abrasives from creating more damage than necessary. Effectively encapsulating road grime, dirt, dust, and pollen, lifting it away from the surface of the vehicle.

Ecoclean Blizzard is best as a pre-wash car shampoo to protect your car’s paint and ensure a more thorough clean.

He continued, “A little goes a long way for Blizzard and we are confident that they will absolutely find Blizzard to be a staple in their detailing arsenal.” mentions Keong Chun Chieh. With a modest ratio of 1:150 for great foam and 1:75 for thick shaving cream like consistency, Blizzard continues to dominate. Find out more about how to use Blizzard here. 

Our greener formula not only cleans your car but also helps reduce your carbon footprint. It’s time to ditch harsh chemicals and switch to a greener, more effective way of washing your car.

  • Paintwork Safe ✓
  • PPF & Vinyl Safe ✓
  • Ceramic Coating Safe ✓
  • Surface: All surfaces