Koch Chemie H9 02 (Heavy Cut Compound)

Koch Chemie H9 02 (Heavy Cut Compound)

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Our Heavy Cut System is getting an update after three years. At the end of 2018, we introduced our innovative PolishSystem, in which the Heavy Cut polishing compound and the Heavy Cut Pad have since been responsible for removing coarse scratches. Under the motto "Making a top seller even better", we have improved the Heavy Cut polishing compound and the matching pad. The result: A Heavy Cut H9.02 with a higher gloss level and a matched Heavy Cut Pad with improved durability.

Shines through its result

The innovative H9.02 machine polish is not only suitable for the rapid reconditioning of heavily weathered paintwork, the removal of deep scratches and the effective removal of paint mist and sanding up to 1,200 grit. Due to the new formulation and the extremely homogeneous abrasive grit, Heavy Cut H9.02 produces a consistently high cut with an increased gloss level. This is due to the new types of aluminum oxides used. The agglomerates of the aluminum oxides are such that they cause less deep scratches than the aluminum oxides of the H9.01 while maintaining the same cut. Thus, in contrast to the H9.01, our H9.02 produces a less matted surface and therefore, a higher gloss. In addition, the H9.02 enables time savings in the subsequent application of the Micro Cut M3.02, as fewer deep polishing marks caused by H9.02 have to be removed.

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