Koch Chemie Rrw Rapid Rinsless Wash 1L

Koch Chemie Rrw Rapid Rinsless Wash 1L

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The Koch Chemie Rapid Rinseless Wash Rrw is a highly concentrated shampoo designed for a thorough rinseless wash process. Rapid is packed with polymer lubricants and cleaners that help you not only perform rinseless washing, but also can be used as a quick detailer, clay lubricant as well as an interior detailer. At a 256:1 concentration, a 1000ml bottle will go a long way. Dilute 1oz into your wash bucket and the gentle cleaning power removes dust, fingerprints, and road grime without scratching your paint. Just wipe your wash media across the surface and once clean, hop into your drying process. It is safe for all paint types, so you can use it with confidence on clear coat, ceramic, PPF, trim, plastic, or waxed finishes. Unlike some other rinseless washes this product doesn't dry out your hands or trim pieces and it has a pleasant scent. This high quality product caters to mobile detailers, areas that have water restrictions and vehicles that you prefer to wash without the use of water to rinse the vehicle. It is biodegradable and the perfect next addition to your detailing collection. Koch Chemie Rapid Rinseless Wash makes achieving a thorough cleaning process for your vehicle effortlessly!

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