Maxshine M15 Pro Series II Dual Action Polisher - 5 Inch

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Superior Performance, Dependable, Comfortable

The dual action orbital polisher M15 Pro is the flagship machine of Maxshine. Its optimized orbit range of 15mm and a 5-inch backing plate size make it adaptable to most detailing jobs, correcting paintttwork faster and easier. This premium dual-action orbital polisher effortlessly removes light scratches and swirl marks while enhancing shine. Take your detailing projects to the next level with the M15 Pro.

Eliminate Paint Defects

The DA Polisher with the 1000W motor maximizes torque to deliver a smooth and effective experience. You can quickly cut out swirl marks, polish to an epic shine, and finish with even protection.

Rev Up the Power

The adaptive trigger enables better control, ease into your preferred speed and polish with assurance. Say goodbye to finger fatigue with the included trigger locking function.

MaxShine M15 Pro is Engineered for Longevity

Everything from the CNC machined counterweight to the reinforced cable base shows this dual action orbital polisher has been designed for durability and made to last year after year.

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