Maxshine M21 PRO Dual Action Polisher - 6 Inch

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The powerful motor with a long throw of 21mm delivers precise correction while covering extensive areas. Effortlessly erase swirl marks and scratches and achieve a flawless, professional grade finish.

Accessible Speed Range for Advanced Correction

Elevate your car detailing experience with the adjustable 2,200-5000 OPM speeds and a variable speed trigger. A wide range is provided so you can best match the speed to your correction needs. 

MaxShine M21 Pro is Balanced to Perfection

Unbeatable paint correction and superior polishing results stem from the perfectly balanced electro-mechanical engineering of the M21 Pro’s internal components. Less vibration from a random orbital polisher allowing seamless job flow, resulting in high productivity.

Durable and Resilient Design

Striving for excellence MaxShine’s M21 Pro is developed with a high-quality steel CNC machined counterweight and NSK bearing to further extend the life of the dual action polisher. 


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