Mercury 360 Degree Spray Bottle

Mercury 360 Degree Spray Bottle

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The large difference from this model and the popular Mercury Sprayer, is that the Pro+ 300 features a 360 degree feature. This feature allows for a continual spray at all angles. This means you can spray sideways or even upside down while still using almost all of the detailing chemical in the sprayer! Each bottle has a level indicator on the side, allowing for easy measurement of all of your chemicals in either ML or Pints. The high quality Viton seals are resistant to the majority of cleaning chemicals so you can use almost any carpet cleaner, window cleaner, quick detailer, wheel cleaner, degreasers, etc. The unique double action trigger allows for a constant fine spray or large mist, with less hand fatigue and super easy application. Just turn the adjusting knob on the front of the sprayer, point, and shoot! These bottles are great for cleaning wheels and tires, windshields, large panels covered in bugs and so much more. If you are tired of cheap spray bottles breaking down or not working well, pick up the Kwazar Mercury Pro+ 300 Sprayer Bottles and you'll never have that concern again!