Nanoskin Auto Scrub Towel Fine Grade

Nanoskin Auto Scrub Towel Fine Grade

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Nanoskin Autoscrub System works fast and achieves professional results with the new advanced rubber polymer technology, which replaces the use of clay bars.

  • Can use dual action orbital Polisher or hand application
  • Safely and easily removes paint over spray, water spots, fresh tree sap, rail dust and other bonded surface contaminants.
  • Can be used on automotive paint, glass, moldings and plastic.

Why is AutoScrubs better than clay bars?

  • Can be used on 80 cars.
  • Can be cleaned by simply rinsing off the accumlated contaminates with water.
  • If you drop the AutoScrub on the ground, just rinse it clean and its ready to keep using.
  • It easily glides allowing for sturdy and controlled handling. (does not require reshaping)

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