P&S Terminator Enzyme Spot and Stain

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Attacks spots and stains

Fresh scented

Enzyme cleaner

Deodorizes while cleaning

Terminator Enzyme Spot & Stain combines enzyme action with a blend of cleaning ingredients to attack stains. Terminator’s extreme cleaning power attacks embedded soils, grease, dirt and protein based stains. Terminator is part of the Double Black Interior Cleaning System. Terminator is primarily used as Step #1 in the system but may also be used independently.

Directions: Terminator is a ready to use product and is not diluted. Prior to beginning the process it is always recommended to dry brush and vacuum interior carpets and upholstery. If you are using Terminator as part of the DB Interior System then Terminator is Step #1 and followed by Step #2 Carpet Bomber. Apply Terminator directly on to spots/stains initially and then treat entire area. Follow by applying Step #2 Carpet Bomber. Allow product to work for a minimum of 3 minutes. Use a steamer or carpet brush to scrub. Using both is ideal to achieve optimum results. Once completed vacuum or extract carpet and upholstery.

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