RUPES LHR15ES Random Orbital Polisher

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The BigFoot LHR15ES Random Orbital Polisher was built for detailers and enthusiasts alike. Following the stunning success of the 21ES detailers approached RUPES to produce a tool with a slightly smaller orbital diameter and a smaller pad, but without sacraficing performance. The result was The Detailer's BigFoot otherwise known as the LHR15ES.The LHR15ES large 15mm orbit, nearly twice that of traditional polishers, provides the power to remove serious paint defects, including sand scratches, while leaving behind a swirl-free finish, often in one step*. The BigFoot LHR15ES strongly reduces the chance of damaging or overheating the paint during the polishing process making it the choice for any user desiring high-gloss finish regardless of experience.The BigFoot LHR15ES Random Orbital Polisher is great choice for polishing a wide variety of panel shapes, contours, and sizes. This polisher, along with RUPES engineered pads and polishing compounds, gives all users the ability to produce world-class results easily and quickly.

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