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Its no secret that vehicle designs are becoming more complex and as a result more difficult to polish. As a result many full size polishers simply cannot address the intricacies of modern vehicle design, but its in these areas that the LHR75E Mini truly shines. With its 75mm (3″) backing plate, 100mm (4″) pad system, short front overhang, and compact design the Mini is ideally suited to polish bumpers, B-pilars, headlights and more; making it the ideal compliment to any of the full size RUPES BigFoot polishers. The body of the LHR75E is elegantly designed, featuring rubber inserts for non-slip handling as well as a sturdy, compact body, that feels planted and easy to grip. The top of the tool also incorporates a rubber insert designed to allow the tool to rest in the optimal position when placed on a bench or cart. This clever design prevents the tool from rolling over and potentially contaminating the polishing pads. Also lined with rubber is the on-off switch lever. Rather than a trigger that requires the operator to keep it pulled while polishing the LHR75E Mini uses a locking switch. This permits the user to operate the tool single handed or free their hands when working in tight spaces or awkward positions where the Mini is most effective.

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