Rupes UNO Advanced

Rupes UNO Advanced

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The Rupes UNO Advanced will help you perform ultra-fine polishing steps while leaving behind a durable protective layer! When reaching for a detailing product, one that helps combine detailing steps and save time can quickly become a favorite within your collection. With UNO Advanced, while you can polish and protect with one unique formula, you will also have a versatile product that can be used to tackle many different detailing steps. Rupes states that Advanced can be used in three different situations, first it can be used as a one step product to correct and protect. The second situation where this product can be used is as a second polishing step. This will allow you to polish and protect after using a heavier corrective compound first. Third, Advanced can be used as a topper to refresh an existing coating layer on the surface. After use, Advanced will boost clarity, add gloss, make the surface smooth and lay down solids that will provide up to 12 months of protection. You can work by hand, with a dual action, gear-driven or rotary polisher along with various pad combinations. Stop wasting time and add a versatile product to your detailing collection with the Rupes UNO Advanced!

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